Shopify Nonprofits

Shopify is great tool for a 501c3 to use. If you’re a non profit organization and need to sell products online or have an e-commerce store for the organization, this is the perfect platform for you. We are excited to tell you about the non profit options for the product.

Shopify has changed the game when it comes to e-commerce. The way to get your e-com store up and running as quickly as possible is to use a platform like Shopify. We have been recommending Shopify over other platforms for a long time. We are glad to announce that they do have some non-profit pricing, but it varies depending on the organization.

Get the Best Non-Profit Discount:

The way that you can get the discount is to do it in steps. The way it works is to first sign up for Shopify on the normal account. Once you have made your first payment you are done with this step!

The second step: Contact Shopify and ask if they have the Non-Profit discount available for the time being.

We hope that this has helped you on your way to getting Shopify for the best price. It’s important for a Non-Profit to get the best price possible because they are doing good for the world!