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Synthetic Urine Sub-Solution Reviews

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Passing a Urinalysis

The medical community has come a long way in the technology that has allowed them to test for drugs in people’s systems. There are many ways to see if someone has a history of using or abusing drugs. Some of them include urine, saliva, hair, and even blood tests. Blood is the hardest thing to get the substances out of your system, but there still are ways to do it.

The most common type of testing is through human pee. This is usually done by giving the person who is being tested a cup that they can urinate into and provide the specimen. That specimen is either sent to a lab where it is tested or the company does the testing in-house.

Problems with Synthetic Urine

One of the big problems with fake urine is that since technology has advanced so much, it’s getting harder to pass the tests, especially at a large facility like LabCorp who does it all the time. The best fake urine out there is the clear choice sub solution that is often reviewed.

Drink a lot of fluid. More than you think you need. And urinate frequently. Water is best for this. Drinking a lot of water will force your body to produce metabolites (the result of metabolism process) that can help you fake a passing drug test. Water intoxication can be a risk here so be careful not to drink too much too fast and be on the lookout for vomiting and confusion which are early symptoms. To prevent your urine from becoming too clear, try adding a B Vitamin supplement which naturally tints your urine yellow.


The biggest solution we have found to this problem is to stop using drugs altogether. Marijuana may be fun to do, but it doesn’t make it worth it if you lose your job. If you are reported to the police, you can also get in trouble as well. A lot of great information on synthetic urine and fake piss to pass a drug test is out there as long as you look in the right places.

What Not To Do: Borrow Urine

There are many instances where someone has borrowed a friends urine to take a test. This is not a good idea because, over time, that specimen will become colder and colder. Even when you heat it up again, it has lost properties that it once had when it comes straight from your body. Temperature affects other chemicals present. The best solution is to find chemically balanced, real human piss to offset the things that happen when it is stored for a long time. It is crazy how advanced these labs have become.

I had a friend back in high school who was wanting to join the military for the longest time, but unfortunately, he was a huge pothead. Everyone knew this including the recruiter. He failed over and over again because he was using someone else’s specimen. We are huge advocates of powdered urine. Go check it out online today and never fail another urinalysis again.